Embrace the pain!

This is my 5th time Pikermi (21KM / Half-Marathon) experience.

Incredible experience happened to me at this race. First, I knew I had enough preparations for this run, so I had a 99% assurance of finishing this strong and beating my PR.

I arrived few minutes before 4am at the venue and the first thing i did was to txt my buddies!  We chat a little and prepared for the minutes before the run.

I did my own ritual exercises, stretching and pulling my sleeping muscles. Atlast! gametime! Well I did out very well in my first few KM’s. Then here comes the Buko Juice! I drank a cup together with Energygel. After a couple of minutes, my tummy goes trembling!!! There came a time when my shit wants to go out. Arrgh! Nasty feeling, I want to stop by a portalet or inside a fastfood restaurant near exportbank! I couldnt waste any time to do it because I want to accomplish my goal for the day. I just stop for a few seconds, hardened and tightened my tummy so I could barely feel the agony inside hehehe.

[ T R B ] – Jerry, Kat, Mina, Gener, Daniel, Ram, Ey

Atlast, 3 more KM to go. I was motivated by peeople who cheer for us along the route especially the policemen and marshalls. Luckily Ive made it to the finish line yet my target’s off by 2 mins! Still im happy I managed to finish the race without the tummy trouble hehe. Another thing is that i get to know my buddies very well and had breakfast after the race!

I salute HyperSports for a job well done, their race is not perfect, but that’s what improvement is all about. Hindi naman ako yung tipong naghahanap palage ng freebies, like yung mga bad comments ng other runners on the forum about it. For me, just crossing the finish line, pose ng kunti pra magpapicture and yung pagsabit sa’yo ng medal, ibang klaseng feeling, tanggal cramps at pagod mo! Too bad, hnd si ate Kat nagsabit saken, vovolunteer volunteer pa nmn hindi nmn pla sya magsasabit hahaha. Another thing that’s important is put the people on your priority always and make them smile. May after race service pa nga Hyper Sports eh, for those runners na hindi naka-claim ng medals, HS is doing their effort to send it to you. Balita ko nga yung isang coach pumunta pa ng Cebu just to give medal to a runner. Kudos Hyper Sports and see you at the next events! I really do have fun. Hope other runners as well.

Isa pa nga pala, nagulat ako someone shouted my name amidst the race village “Hoy Jerry!”, sa loob looban ko, parang may tambay na tumawag saken hahaha.

One of my collegemate and partner-in-crime was there, endorsing for Coco Quench, Maverick Kelvin Mangilit. Naalala ko tuloy yung sakit ng tyan ko nung nakita ko logo eh. Hahaha. Pati CQ mina-mafia pa nito eh, nung hihingi ako, ubos na daw, napa chocolait nlng tuloy ako. Lesson learned: Wag uminom ng buko pag walang laman ang tyan!


Well, nothing beats the feeling of conquering another challenge! Smile & endure the pain. Remember that you can always do it! A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step ika nga!

’til our next run buddies!

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2 Responses to Embrace the pain!

  1. Geca Franco says:

    You did great! I’d probably given up as soon as my tummy hurts 😀
    Congrats for making it to the finish line! I’m glad you had a great time.

  2. Running Buddies_sportyspice says:

    I had to reply talaga… 😀

    “Too bad, hnd si ate Kat nagsabit saken, vovolunteer volunteer pa nmn hindi nmn pla sya magsasabit hahaha”

    hahaha…sorry jerry, hindi pa kasi kita na-meet before the race started so hindi ko alam kung sino ka among those 600 plus pikermi runners who passed by me. i was hoping na ako talaga ang magsasabit ng medals sa mga makikisig na boys ng Team Running Buddies. well at least i did for kuya Angel and Gener. 😀

    see u on our next running get-together.

    Team Running Buddies
    “We NEVER Run ALONE.”

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